AFUL Explorer: Our Latest 1DD+2BA Hybrid IEMs

AFUL Explorer: Our Latest 1DD+2BA Hybrid IEMs

We at AFUL are super excited to bring you our latest launch, the AFUL Explorer. Earlier, we were planning to name the set as Performer3, but we realised we have incorporated the technologies of both, Performer as well as MagicOne IEMs, and then the galactic cosmos themed face panels made us aware of the endless exploration of the space, hence the name Explorer came up.

The AFUL Explorer is a three-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors that features a customized dynamic driver unit with dual high-performance customized BA drivers. Different from the regular three-driver hybrid in-ear monitors in the market, we have worked hard on the R&D department to bring and unimaginable sound quality with the “Explorer”.

With the Explorer, we have aimed to bring you an outstanding sound performance with rich bass response, crystal clear midrange, and accurate treble defintion. We have implemented our own developed technologies such as RLC precise frequency division, 3D-printed precise acoustic structure, etc. Each driver is utilised to its full potential, promising an excellent sound with the pair.

We have equipped the set with a 1DD+2BA driver configuration. We have also equipped the set with an ultra-thin low-frequency bass tube. It packs a punchy and flavourful bass on the set. The two BA drivers deliver excellent midrange clarity and high-frequency response. With our enthusiastic fusion of Magicone and Performer series of in-ear monitors, the Explorer is tastefully done for an exclusive sound delivery.

We have developed a multi-layered electronic crossover for the Explorer. This tech has helped us to produce an open and comprehensive sound with the Explorer. The RLC crossover is identical to what we have done previously with the Performer series. The design and look of the Explorer is on another level. That’s where we got the inspiration for the name Explorer as well.

The face panel is themed around the cosmos, exploring the infinite possibilities coupled with the unique tuning of the pair. In order to provide great comfort, the AFUL Explorer also has a high-damping air pressure relief system. It helps the dynamic driver to produce a powerful lower-end response while promising great comfort with no air pressure buildup on the ears.

We have developed a high-purity stock cable for the Explorer. The pair comes with a 200-core dual-strand high-purity silver-plated copper cable. It has a hand-braided design structure and is capable of improving the three-frequency band with enhanced texture for vocals and instruments. The cable adopts high-quality gold-plated pure copper plugs. The Y-Splitter and the termination plug covers are made using copper electroplating technology.

AFUL Explorer is a result of the our extensive research and development over the years. We aim to deliver high-quality sound at an affordable price bracket with the Explorer. We hope you guys also love the Explorer as much as we do!!

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