About US

Founded back in 2018, Aful Acoustics has kept a precise focus to develop high-end performing in-ear monitors at affordable prices. Together with its innovative R&D team, Aful has got many different patents under its name. They have adhered to the simple concept of "Only Real Progress in Technology can bring Tangible benefits to the Consumer”, in short, they have aimed to develop different technologies that benefit the end consumer. Aful Acoustics was founded to bring a change to the HiFi audio industry with class-leading innovative IEMs.

They have always targeted a strong and experienced acoustic R&D Team. The acoustic team spent over two years researching and developing different technologies. They matured the basic technology in 2020. Today, with a combination of different technologies such as EnvisionTEC Medical-Grade 3D Printed Acoustic Tube Structure, 3D Air-Pressure Balanced Relief Technology, Multi-Driver Acoustic Structures, etc, Aful Acoustics has achieved industry-leading high-end sound performance at affordable price points.

Aful Acoustics has always aimed to bring innovative acoustic technologies. Rather than following the footsteps of every other brand, Aful has created its own patented technologies to bring quality sound to the masses. Currently, Aful Acoustics has launched its latest Performer5, a five-driver hybrid set of in-ear monitors that features three of their patented technologies. Performer5 houses a combination of a powerful dynamic driver with four balanced armature drivers. With their EnvisionTEC 3D printing technology, the shell size is kept small, and the performance is enlarged. You can check out more information on Aful Performer5 here.