AFUL SnowyNight: High-Performance Dual CS43198 Portable USB DAC/AMP

AFUL SnowyNight: High-Performance Dual CS43198 Portable USB DAC/AMP

We at AFUL Audio are highly appreciative of all the love and support audio lovers all across the globe have provided us with our products. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your audio listening experience with high-quality products. We are delighted to introduce our entry into the Portable DAC/AMP industry with our latest launch, presenting you all the all-new AFUL SnowyNight.

There are countless number of Portable USB DAC/AMPs in the market, but we at AFUL aim to improve the performance of the USB DAC/AMPs with our enhanced research and professional development capabilities. We did a deep R&D in the field studying different portable and desktop-grade products, finally developing the SnowyNight that can improve your audio listening experience with its great performance. Our SnowyNight is available through HiFiGo, our official worldwide retailer for just $109.99. You can get yours from them.

During our R&D, our team found that in the case of DAC/AMPs, the quality of signal input can greatly affect the performance of the said gear. We found that Coaxial and Optical inputs offer better quality in comparison to USB. Sadly in the case of portable USB DAC/AMPs that are supposed to be used with smartphones and on the go mainly, USB transmission is the only thing possible. So, we decided to bring you enhanced performance through the USB mode only.

We basically worked on designing an enhanced Type-C connector cable which improves the performance. It is a high-purity 6N monocrystalline copper cable with proper insulation and shielding. This cable provides better sound quality with stable signal transmission unleashing the true USB lossless audio technology. It brings the performance of our SnowyNight very close and identical to the level of improvements we noticed in the coaxial input on desktop devices. The SnowyNight is here to elevate your audio experience with great performance.

There are a bunch of DAC chips available in the market, we equipped the SnowyNight with a dedicated dual DAC chipset adopting high-end 32-Bit DAC chips. It has 2xCS43198 DAC chips that handle the signal decoding and processing. With a strong USB processor, the Snowy Night decodes high-resolution 32-bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD256 audio signals. The high-end Dual DAC arrangement helped us achieve best-in-class SNR, DNR, and THD+N distortion performance. It results in crystal clear output with non-audible noise-floor and rich overall sound.

The SnowyNight has dual headphone output ports, we have a 3.5mm single-ended output and a 4.4mm balanced headphone output. It has a powerful amp section that provides a strong output of up to 300mW. You will be able to easily drive your favourite in-ear monitors with the SnowyNight and experience quality sound. As for any HiFi audio device, a clean power section is required for best performance. We have also designed an efficient power section for the SnowyNight. The SnowyNight has a low power input and clear transmission of power to the different components on the audio circuitry.

We are super excited to share the AFUL SnowyNight with you guys and would love to hear your thoughts on the same as well. We have crafted this high-performance DAC/AMP with great R&D. In our research, we found that the AFUl SnowyNIght performs amazingly well and will be a great companion for everyday musical pleasure!!

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