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AFUL Performer5 Reviews by Widely Recognized HiFi Audio Reviewers: Review Round UP

We have successfully launched our advanced Performer5 today. Over the years, we have garnished and polished our technologies to bring you advanced high-end level sound at affordable prices. With our Performer 5 we implemented several different patented technologies that we managed to design till now including Specially Developed Channel Physical Frequency Division Structure For Earphones, Full-Frequency Multi-Stage Correction Network Compensator, etc. We are overwhelmed with all the love and positive impressions people are posting on different online platforms about our Performer 5.

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Believe us Performer5 is just the beginning of a beautiful journey that awaits ahead for you and us both. We design this 5-driver hybrid IEM with three of our latest technologies including EnvisionTEC 3D Printed acoustic cavity structure, RLC Frequency Crossover Correction, and high-damping air-pressure balanced structure. With the help of these aforementioned technologies and the power of a five-driver hybrid configuration(1DD+4BA), the Performer5 delivers outstanding sound performance. We have designed the Performer 5 to the best of our abilities, bringing you a taste of high-end sound in a compact package. The custom dynamic driver and balanced armature drivers work flawlessly with each other bringing you top-quality sound clarity and tonal balance. We have priced Performer5 at an attractive price of 219.99$. we believe this is a highly-competitive price segment, but we are also sure that our product will stand out from the crowd with its sound performance. Have you checked out the Performer5 Yet?? Let’s check out some reviews from the community.

Osprey Andy(Head-Fi):- 

Andy loved the presentation of Performer5. He associates it with the sensation you get normally with a sub-woofer. Just using his exact words here, “AFUL Performer 5 is a solid and amazing unit end to end. The application of exotic tech does translates into sonic performances that will not fail to instill a WOW element. I know it WOWed me, despite of my dogged insistence to sticking to more neutral-sounding IEMs.

I like it a lot that P5 is highly organic and natural sounding with timbre and tonal balance (despite being colored with sound spectrum). This is how a vibrant yet mature-sounding unit should be tuned. It compels the user to want to listen more and more, not wanting to put it aside because the music sounded so lively and immersive. While being musical, P5 remained highly acute with technicalities, details, and crisp imaging in abundance, always.

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And yes the Bass, damn that Subwoofer sensation is an absolute winner in my book. That rich mesmerizing flow of Bass responses, is airy and commanding. Bass heavy tracks simply blissful to listen to.” 

Reading this, we feel like Andy could really connect with our vision and could really enjoy Performer5. You can read his full review on Head-Fi here.

Jasef Carlo Pusta(Posted on Facebook Group Gizaudio):-

Josef Carlo Pusta shared his impressions of the Performer5 on the Facebook group Gizaudio. His words tell us that he liked the pair a lot, and he finds it competing well against another IEM that is priced about thrice the Performer 5. Stating his words here, “P5’s bass has slower, more natural, and more satisfying decay. Its bass quantity/shelf is also perfect, in my opinion. Sub-bass rumble and mid-bass slam? You get plenty of those without muddying the mids. P5’s mids have a hint of warmth to it. It’s a lot like Kinda Lava’s mids in this regard.” He finds the Performer5 to compete well against IEMs priced way above its price league. We are just happy that people are enjoying our products!! 

You can check out his complete review on Gizaudio Group on Facebook here. 

Gizaudio(YouTube Video Review):-

Timmy absolutely loved the Performer 5, he rates it B+ in his rating list. According to which, Performer 5 gets the rating of Maximum worth its price under 500$. Timmy finds the Performer 5 to have a neutral-ish sound with bass boosted signature. He finds the tuning balance of the pair to be excellent, Treble is the most interesting him. He says Treble is pretty well-extended and delivered nicely. 

AFUL Performer 5 is the only pair in Timmy’s tier list around the 200$ price point to get the B+ rating. You can check out his complete review over here.


Another positive feedback came towards the Performer5 from NYMZ on the Head-Fi platform. He finds the pair to deliver quality sound performance with proper tonality and precisely balanced sound presentation. You can read his exact words, “Buzzwords and patents aside, AFUL’s team entered the building in absolute style, kicking down the front door. I’m finding myself hard-pressed to find a more tonally balanced model than the Performer 5 at his price bracket or below (let’s ignore ER2XR due to fit, shall we?).

In sum, I think the price is pretty clever, positioning themselves far enough from the $300+ kingpins like the technically gifted Blessing 2 twins - which also have fundamental flaws of their own, - and being so competitive in price that everyone will want a bite of this pie. Hell, I’ll go further and say that minus the mid-range, I’d take the AFUL’s tuning over the Blessing 2 or Dusk, while the twins prey the Performer 5 open on imaging chops and better dynamics.” Check out his complete review on Head-Fi here.

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Reviews like these, and such positive feedback have always driven us to bring you guys more and better products. We thank the community wholeheartedly for welcoming the AFUL Performer5 with both their hands wide open. We assure you guys, we are working on more products, we won’t rush into things, but you will definitely get outstanding class-leading products from our side!!

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