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AFUL Performer8: Our Latest Flagship 1DD+7BA Driver Hybrid IEMs

We are thankful to our fans and supporters who showered our Performer5 last year and made it a huge success. It was our debutant product and we still keep the Performer5 close to our heart. During our launch of the Performer5, we have shared some information related to our next project that was already in the pipeline, the Performer8. Driven by our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, our team wasted no time in embarking on the creation of our next groundbreaking product: the AFUL Performer 8. After months of meticulous craftsmanship, Now, the time is here, we are here announcing the official launch of our brand new flagship-grade IEM, the Performer8. Like always, we have implemented our self-developed technologies such as 3D-printed acoustic tube structure, high-damping air-pressure relief design, etc. aiming to deliver flagship-grade sound at a pocket-friendly price point.

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Developed With Eight Driver Hybrid Configuration:-

As the name suggests, the Performer 8 boasts an 8-driver hybrid configuration on each side. This configuration combines the power of one dynamic driver with seven balanced armature drivers, resulting in an unparalleled audio experience for the listeners. The drivers are arranged together in a four-way frequency crossover. The P8 houses an 8mm dynamic driver with biological diaphragm for strong lower-end response, two BA drivers dedicated for midrange, two BA drivers for lower-mids, and three BA drivers for extended high-frequencies. The pair has smooth and detailed high-frequency response that goes smoothly over the 10KHz region.

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Developed With Our Industry-Leading Patented Technologies:-

Building upon the success of the Performer 5, the Performer 8 features further advancements in our patented technologies. The 3D printed acoustic tube structure, high-damping air pressure relief system, and RLC frequency network correction technology have all been further refined to deliver an improved performance on the Performer 8. With the Performer 8, we have raised the bar in terms of sound quality and performance. Expect tighter bass response with enhanced impact and depth, courtesy of our new dynamic driver unit. The midrange response offers exceptional clarity and warmth, bringing vocals to life with remarkable detail. Treble clarity and resolution have been significantly improved, resulting in extended and detailed high-frequency performance.

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Invention Patent:-

Name: Specially Developed Channel Physical Frequency Division Structure For Earphones
Patent NO.: CN109803206A
Patent Type: Invention Patent
Announcement date: 2019-05-24

Longer Bass Tube, Tighter Bass Response:-

One of the highlights of the Performer 8 is our enhanced 3D Printed Acoustic Tube structure. This patented design showcases an ultra-long and ultra-thin bass tube, measuring an impressive 64.55mm in length. By meticulously engineering this acoustic cavity structure, we have achieved a stronger, deeper, and more refined bass response on the Performer 8. Additionally, the pair features a 46.77mm mid-bass tube and a 10.61mm mid-range tube, ensuring optimal sound output and peak performance for each driver unit.

High-Damping Air Pressure Relief System:-

To provide utmost comfort during extended listening sessions, we have incorporated a high-damping air pressure relief system in the Performer 8. This system helps balance the air pressure buildup in the ear canal, minimizing fatigue and delivering a more enjoyable user experience. Moreover, it contributes to an elastic and profound lower-end presentation, enriching the overall audio quality.

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Renowned RLC Network Frequency Correction Technology:-

The Performer 8 also integrates our renowned RLC Network Frequency Correction Technology, which debuted in the Performer 5. This technology employs a precisely designed electronic frequency crossover, consisting of resistors and capacitors, to fine-tune and optimize the sound output from each driver unit. By implementing this technology in the Performer 8's eight-driver arrangement, we ensure a clean, precise, and high-fidelity sound response. Additionally, it enhances the treble response of the balanced armature drivers, rivaling the performance of electrostatic (EST) drivers.

Aful performer 8-4

Pure Sound Resolution With Brilliant Treble Extensions:-

Designed to provide a truly high-resolution sound experience, the AFUL Performer 8 represents the epitome of flagship-grade multi-driver IEMs. With its balanced and natural sound profile, it effortlessly complements various genres of music. Prepare to be captivated by its tight and dynamic bass response, crisp midrange detailing, and open and airy treble presentation that extends beyond the 10kHz mark. The Performer 8 delivers pure sound resolution and ultimate clarity, ensuring an exciting and immersive listening experience.

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Optimal Comfort, Stunning Design:-

Not only does the Performer 8 excel in audio performance, but it also boasts an aesthetically pleasing design. Despite its impressive eight-driver configuration, the IEM features a compact and lightweight build, ergonomically shaped for optimal comfort. The ear shells are crafted with solid resin and adorned with beautifully hand-painted face covers. Each face cover is meticulously created using multiple layers of hand-painted aluminum foil, resulting in a stunning visual appeal.

High-Purity Monocrystalline Copper Cable:-

To complement the Performer 8's exceptional audio capabilities, we have included a high-purity stock cable with the set. This 4-strand cable features 98 cores per strand, composed of high-purity monocrystalline copper silver-plated material. The cable's construction ensures pristine signal transmission, enhancing the overall sound quality with a deep and impactful bass response and an expansive soundstage presentation.

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Experience the epitome of audio excellence with AFUL Audio's Performer 8. Immerse yourself in the world of high-fidelity sound, where every detail comes to life, and music takes on a whole new dimension. It is a huge upgrade over the Performer5. The Performer5 had an amazing sound which was suitable mainly for Pop and Vocal focused genres of music. We have adjusted the tuning of the Performer8 to have a more balanced and clear response. It now suits most genres of music well, and promises a quality listening experience for you guys!! We have made the Performer8 with immense love and care, we hope it finds a place in your heart as well!!

Pricing & Availability:-

AFUL Performer8 is priced at 369.99$, it will be launched officially on 2nd June. You can purchase it from different retailers both online and offline. We have also made the Performer8 available in brick-and-mortar stores in many countries, including South Korea and Japan.

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