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AFUL SnowyNight Dual CS43198 Portable DAC & AMP

AFUL SnowyNight Dual CS43198 Portable DAC & AMP


>High-Performance Dual CS43198 Flagship DAC Chips.

>Supports 32-bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD256 Audio signals.

>Specially Developed Enhanced Connector Cable.

>Stable Signal Transmission.

>USB Lossless Transmission Technology.

>Ultra-Low Distortion Performance(THD+N≤0.0037%).

>Strong Output Power(Upto 300mW).

>3.5mm+4.4mm Dual Headphone Output Options.

>Solid Build & Design.

>Clean, Crisp, Precise Sound.

>6N Single-Crystal Copper USB Type-C Connector Cable.

Technical Information:-

>DAC Chips: 2xCS43198.

>Birtate: 32-Bit/786kHz PCM, DSD256, DoP256.

>Output Ports: 3.5mm+4.4mm.

>Output Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>SNR: 125dB(3.5mm), 130dB(4.4mm)

>Noise Floor: 1uV(3.5mm), 1.5uV(4.4mm).

>DNR: 125dB(3.5mm), 130dB(4.4mm).

>Operating Voltage Range: 4.2V~5.3V.

>Output Level: 1Vrms(3.5mm, Low-Gain), 2Vrms(3.5mm, High-Gain), 2Vrms(4.4mm, Low-Gain), 4Vrms(4.4mm, High-Gain).

>THD+N: ≤0.00037%.

>Output Power: 140mW-300mW.

We are super excited to introduce our first portable USB DAC/AMP, the AFUL SnowyNight. After a deep R&D, we have designed the SnowyNight with a high-end dual DAC chipset, a specially developed enhanced Connector Cable, and many more features. The SnowyNight promises exceptional audio performance with a best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio and ultra-low THD+N distortion performance. We have worked to improve the signal transmission quality with our new and advanced 6N single-crystal copper USB Type-C connector cable.

High-End Dual DAC Chipset:-

We have equipped the SnowyNight with Dual CS43198 DAC chips. They support true high-resolution audio signal decoding supporting bitrates up to 32-bit/768kHz for PCM signals and DSD256 for native DSD signals. The high-end CS43198 DAC chips provide an extremely clear sound reproduction with best-in-class SNR, DNR, and THD+N performance. The SnowyNight has 125dB SNR through the 3.5mm port and 130dB SNR through the 4.4mm output port. We have a non-audible noise floor at 1uV(3.5mm), and 1.5uV(4.4mm).

Enhanced High-Purity Connector Cable:-

We studied a lot of different portable and desktop audio setups, and we realised we needed to work on the source signal transmission to enhance the acoustic performance of SnowyNight. We noticed USB transmission is not the cleanest, and digital inputs such as Coaxial, Optical provided cleaner and better transmission in most cases. But in the case of portable USB DAC/AMPs, we get limited to only USB transmissions. So, to enhance the acoustic performance in such a scenario, we bundled the SnowyNight with an enhanced cable that brings noticeable improvements by stable signal transmission, USB Lossless transmission, and also protects the sound signal from external interferences. The cable has high-purity 6N monocrystalline copper wire cores. It effectively improves the overall performance of the SnowyNight and makes it comparable to Coaxial and Optical input options in other devices.

Dual Headphone Output Ports:-

We have equipped the SnowyNight with dual headphone output ports. The device supports single-ended and balanced headphone connections with 3.5mm(Single-ended) and 4.4mm(Balanced) headphone ports. We have also featured a high-power amp section providing a strong output level of up to 300mW through the 4.4mm balanced output. It will easily drive most IEMs and headphones and would provide a great driving force to you and your gear.

Stable Data Transmission:-

Our new enhanced USB Connector Cable provides stable Data Transmission. The high-purity 6N Single-Crystal copper material provides stable transmission with little to no loss during the transmission process. We have also treated the cable with proper insulation and outer shielding that protects the signal from external electromagnetic interferences.

Efficient Power Signal Management:-

The SnowyNight promises clean output with clean power signal processing. It has low power input that it takes directly from the connected source device. With properly designed audio circuitry, the power transmission is clean and we get efficient performance from the device.

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